WednesdayJun 23, 2021 2:30 pm

Energy Storage Sees All-Time High Investor Interest

ACORE recently released a report showing that the interest of developers and investors in both the renewable energy and energy storage sectors is significantly high at the moment. The report contains the results of a survey that centered on the expectations of development firms and financial institutions in the energy sector, following the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. In addition to this, the Expectations for Renewable Energy Finance 2021­–2024 report also tracks the American Renewable Investment Goal’s progress. The American Council on Renewable Energy launched this initiative earlier in 2018, with its objective being to raise $1 trillion in private…

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TuesdayJun 22, 2021 12:56 pm

Asia Broadband Inc. (AABB) Enthused Over Preliminary Assay Results at LOI-target Gold Mine

Asia Broadband, an experienced producer of precious metals, is in the process of adding key gold mine property acquisitions in Mexico The company’s approach to metals sales to primarily Asian markets includes development of a cryptocurrency exchange with a token backed by its gold holdings Asia Broadband’s AABBG token will be traceable through the proprietary exchange for currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin, and will also be able to acquire value on principles of limited production and rising demand The company recently reported its enthusiasm over preliminary assay results on rocks taken at random throughout a mine in Nayarit…

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TuesdayJun 22, 2021 12:30 pm

Study Finds That Allowing Artisanal Mining Harms the Environment

A study carried out by scientists at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the Peruvian Amazon has discovered that the formalization of mining operations that operate on a small-scale may do more harm than good to the environment. According to the researchers, formalization may prompt the expansion of these operations, which can lead to more dangerous mining, especially if proper environmental impact assessments aren’t conducted or enforced. The research, reported in the “Environmental Research Letters” journal, centers on the events that took place between 2001 and 201 at the Tambopata National Reserve. During that period, the demand for gold increased significantly,…

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MondayJun 21, 2021 2:15 pm

Mineral Sponges May Help Absorb Residual Uranium from Contaminated Sites

A group of researchers from Pacific Northwest, Lawrence Berkeley and Sandia national laboratories have discovered a mineral that can absorb uranium from ground water. The researchers discovered the mineral, which is known as calcium apatite, at a former uranium mill in Colorado. The sponge-like mineral reduced the levels of uranium in groundwater significantly. The project’s lead Mark Rigali, a geochemist from Sandia, stated that apatite technology was also found to decrease the concentration of molybdenum, vanadium and uranium in the groundwater at Colorado’s Rifle mine site. Additionally, it ensures that the uranium amounts remain below the target concentration set by…

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FridayJun 18, 2021 3:00 pm

What Mining Firms Should Know About Decarbonization, Climate Risk

Over the last decade, the impact of climate change and how the mining industry can respond to it has become a popular discussion topic. Most mining operations operate in harsh conditions. However, predictions of hazards such as heat, drought and heavy precipitation show that the effects of harsh climates may get more intense and frequent, which only grows the challenges mining operations will have to endure. Under the Paris Agreement, which was signed in 2015, 195 nations entered into an agreement that would require them to restrict global warming to under 2 degrees Celsius. For this to be achieved, most,…

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ThursdayJun 17, 2021 3:00 pm

Gold May Benefit from Unfavorable Jobs Report

With more individuals not willing to work for the current low-wage hourly rate and federal money flooding households, the price of gold may soon increase. A recent BLS Employment Situation Report shows that last month, total nonfarm payrolls increased by more than 550,000 after increments of more than 270,000 in April. Concurrently, the U.S. economy introduced fewer jobs than had been expected, with economists polled by MarketWatch predicting just over 670,000 additions. Furthermore, while employment-population and labor force participation rates were moderately altered, they remained below levels observed prior to the pandemic. On the plus side, the unemployment rate dropped…

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ThursdayJun 17, 2021 11:10 am

Excellon Resources Inc. (TSX: EXN) (NYSE American: EXN) (FSE: E4X2) Set To Benefit from a Sustained Silver Demand Boom from the Electric Vehicle Sector

Battery-powered electric vehicles are set to be a significant demand driver for silver in coming years The expected increase in annual silver demand from the electric vehicle sector over the next four years is estimated to equal 10% of 2021’s global silver production Excellon Resources is currently executing ongoing precious metals projects in Mexico, Idaho and Germany The company recently revealed that its Mexican operations resulted in a 37% YoY increase in silver production as of the fourth quarter of 2020 Fifty grams is slightly more than the weight of an average golf ball, yet it also represents the estimated…

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WednesdayJun 16, 2021 11:49 am

StorEn Technologies Inc. Exclusive Opportunity in Growing Battery Market Highlights Reg A Offering Potential

StorEn boasts four patents, five trademarks, successful fundraising track record Company has evolved idea, performance of vanadium batteries Exclusive technology delivers higher performance at lower cost, providing more efficient, safe, environmentally friendly and cost-effective energy storage Dedicated to bringing battery storage into the 21st century, StorEn Technologies is building a reputation for leading the way forward in the development of evolutionary vanadium flow batteries. The battery pioneer is currently in the middle of a Reg A offering, creating a unique opportunity for investors interested in the future of battery storage.  The company has already proven its appeal. StorEn has raised…

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WednesdayJun 16, 2021 9:45 am

Gold Price Moderately Stable Despite Yellen’s Comments

Last week, the U.S.Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen commented on the expectations for fiscal spending and inflation, which would push treasury yields even higher. In the news conference, Yellen urged other countries to continue spending in order to support their economies even as the coronavirus pandemic diminished, noting that U.S. inflation in 2021 would be transitory but elevated. Spot gold only increased moderately by 0.1%, going up to nearly $1,893 while U.S. gold futures increased to $1896, a 0.2% rise. However, bullion was on the decline after Yellen stated that President Joe Biden should move forward with the spending plans that…

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TuesdayJun 15, 2021 3:00 pm

Differences Between Lithium Ion, Vanadium Batteries

More countries and individuals across the globe are transitioning into using electric vehicles in a bid to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, as countries work on fighting climate change. This transition is also encouraging the use of renewable energies, which will help to significantly reduce green-house gas emissions. Lithium ion and vanadium redox batteries will be among the most common components of this transition. So, what are the differences between the two? Lithium-ion batteries are smaller in size when compared to vanadium batteries, which enable them to be used in electric vehicles and portable electronics. Also known as Li-ion…

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