ThursdaySep 09, 2021 2:15 pm

The Top Four Global Producers of Vanadium

Vanadium is a silver-gray metal used to make various metal alloys and particularly in the manufacture of ferrovanadium. Ferrovanadium is an alloy of vanadium and iron used in steel production. Recently, countries that produce vanadium have greatly benefited from infrastructure spending in China and around the world. Global economic recovery, coupled with the growing interest in vanadium redox batteries, could further drive the demand for the metal as well as increase its price. This is despite the decline in the production of vanadium in the recent past. Data from the U.S. Geological Survey shows that mined production of the metal…

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TuesdaySep 07, 2021 2:20 pm

Aluminum Price Hits New Highs After Supply Concerns Grow

Last week, the price of aluminum hit a new three-year high as concerns about supplies from China, which is the world’s top producer of the metal, increased after the Xinjiang region in the country began imposing output curbs on smelters. For example, last Friday, benchmark aluminum on the London Metal Exchange had increased by 1.5%, hitting almost $2,670 by noon. Earlier in the session, prices had gone up to $2664.50, which is the metal’s highest price since April 2018. On the Shanghai Futures Exchange, the price of aluminum set a new record, with the last time prices had gone that…

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FridaySep 03, 2021 2:15 pm

Gold Rises on Fed Remarks Regarding Dialing Back Monetary Intervention

The price of gold increased last week as Jerome Powell, the chairman of the Federal Reserve, gave his virtual speech at the Jackson Hole symposium. By noon, spot gold had risen slightly above 1%, reaching $1,811.50 per ounce, exceeding the $1,800 level for the second time in the week. In New York, U.S. gold futures were trading at $1,811.61 per ounce, a 0.9% increase. In his speech, Powell stated that the economy has reached a point where it doesn’t need as much policy support, adding that the Fed would begin to decrease its monthly bond purchases before the year’s end.…

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ThursdaySep 02, 2021 2:10 pm

Analyst Says Procurement of Battery Storage Still Chaotic in US

The battery storage market in the United States is plagued with many procurement challenges, which include making sure that consumers understand the performance claims and warranties that come from manufacturers and ensuring the sturdiness of the supply chain. Adam Walters, an experienced renewable energy lawyer, says the growing battery storage procurement market in the U.S. is chaotic. In an interview, he stated that, unlike in 2011 when China surpassed American and European solar PV manufacturers when it began offering incentives, the storage space will be more balanced, even with the involvement of Chinese manufacturers in the industry. He explained that…

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WednesdaySep 01, 2021 4:00 pm

Report Finds Increase in US Critical Mineral Imports

Critical minerals are minerals that are important to the economy. A mineral’s criticality changes with time as society’s needs and supply shifts. Most critical minerals are metals that are essential to high-tech sectors. They include rare earth elements and metals such as platinum group elements, manganese, vanadium, molybdenum, cobalt, magnesium, gallium, tellurium and lithium. An analysis conducted by S&P Global Market Intelligence has found the import of critical minerals into the United States remained relatively unchanged quarter over quarter but increased by almost 8% in the second quarter of this year, in comparison with 2020’s second quarter. The report found…

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