FridayFeb 17, 2023 9:45 am

McEwen Mining Inc. (NYSE: MUX) (TSX: MUX) Subsidiary McEwen Copper Expects New Preliminary Economic Assessment for Los Azules Copper Project During Q1 2023

Copper demand is rising worldwide, attributed to the renewable energy market and, recently, the re-emergence of China after its lift of pandemic restrictions McEwen Copper's Los Azules project is positioned to help offset some deficit that is currently being experienced due to losses recorded by Peru and Chile mines coupled with high demand The 2017 Preliminary Economic Assessment (“PEA”) estimated a 36-year mine life for the Los Azules Copper Project - and only covered 55% of the known copper resources to be mined Additional drill holes have shown strong copper mineralization extending below the initial PEA bottom, providing an additional…

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ThursdayFeb 16, 2023 2:45 pm

WGC Confirms Central Banks Bought Record-Setting Amounts of Gold in 2022

Precious metals such as gold play an integral role in the preservation and transfer of wealth across the country. While fiat currencies such as the dollar and the British pound tend to depreciate and appreciate depending on economic conditions, gold is known to retain its value over the long term. This allows investors to preserve the value of their holdings during times of economic upheaval, such as inflation, by purchasing gold bullion or gold stocks. Although gold itself doesn’t appreciate in value as do some assets and will not provide you with an interest rate, investing in gold is a…

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WednesdayFeb 15, 2023 12:38 pm

Five Ways to Phase Out Coal Use Without Affecting Energy Security

Coal is the sole largest source of carbon dioxide emissions from energy. This cheap fuel is also the primary fuel used in electricity generation globally. If we are to make headway in controlling the climate crisis, the use of coal must decrease significantly. This may not be easy as it sounds, however, especially because energy security is a vital part of the global economy. So, how can we phase out the use of coal in favor of clean energy without running into any short-term energy issues? Below are a few suggestions from the International Energy Agency (IEA) on how this…

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TuesdayFeb 14, 2023 1:41 pm

Newcrest Deal May Make Newmont a Global Gold Superpower

A deal being negotiated between Newmont Mining, the top gold producer in the world, and top Australian miner Newcrest Mining could give birth to a global gold superpower if it is successful. Newmont Corporation confirmed early last week that it had submitted a $17 billion proposal to purchase 100% of Newcrest Mining’s issued share capital. If the takeover offer is successful, it would result in a merger between two of the largest gold miners in the world and set new standards for responsible and sustainable gold mining. The takeover deal would be the largest such deal in Australian history and…

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TuesdayFeb 14, 2023 9:00 am

Arizona Metals Corp. (TSX: AMC) (OTCQX: AZMCF) Initiates Exploration Outside Kay Mine Amid Copper Supply Shortages

Insufficient critical mineral supplies could drive prices higher amid copper shortages according to recent Forbes report AZMCF’s Kay Mine Deposit has a historic resource estimate of “proven and probable reserves” of copper, gold, zinc, and silver according to a 1982 report by Exxon Minerals (1) During 2022, AZMCF received drill permits for Kay Mine Central and Western targets, completed approximately 33,000 meters of core drilling, and initiating drilling on targets outside the deposit Fully-funded to complete the remaining Kay Mine Phase 2 program of 8,600 meters (budget of USD$2.7 million), as well as 76,000 meters (budget of USD$24 million) planned…

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MondayFeb 13, 2023 1:25 pm

Nuclear Energy Revival Sparks Expectations of Price Surge for Uranium

Uranium prices are poised to soar this year amid a resurgence in nuclear energy among major economies such as the United States. Nuclear energy has been losing popularity among developed nations for quite a while now, with countries such as Germany and Spain planning to phase out a majority of their nuclear power plants by 2030. Furthermore, nations such as Australia, Denmark, Italy and Norway had no nuclear power plants or did not support nuclear energy as of 2016. However, the energy crunch of 2021 and 2022 has prompted most developed nations to rethink their nuclear phase-out plans. Severe supply…

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FridayFeb 10, 2023 11:41 am

Can China’s Dominance of Rare Earths Segment Be Broken?

In just a couple of decades, China has grown from a struggling communist country to a global economic superpower with a stranglehold on several crucial industries. Along with being one of the largest exporters and importers on the entire globe, China has been steadily monopolizing the rare earths segment. Rare earths or metals are a set of 17 metals, including neodymium, terbium and scandium, that play a crucial role in the development of electronic goods. Although these metals technically aren’t “rare” in terms of deposits, they are incredibly hard to mine and extract because their deposits are usually mixed with…

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ThursdayFeb 09, 2023 12:57 pm

London Metal Exchange Adds Members to Nickel Committee to Address Contract Issues

Nearly a year after nickel trading volumes on the London Metal Exchange crashed, the exchange has expanded its membership to come up with more ways to improve the nickel contract. The LME suspended its nickel contract for more than a week in early March 2022 shortly after a rush among investors to cover short positions caused nickel prices to surge by more than 50% in hours to trade at a record $100,000-plus per ton during Asian trading hours. Nickel plays a crucial role in the development of stainless steel and EV batteries. The suspension of nickel trade had wide-reaching repercussions,…

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WednesdayFeb 08, 2023 12:52 pm

World Coal Council Urges Nations to View Coal Energy from Practical POV

Coal is without a doubt one of the dirtiest sources of energy man has ever used. After centuries of use, filling the atmosphere with heat-retaining greenhouse gases, dozens of countries across the world have recognized the role played by coal in environmental pollution and global warming. As a result, there has been a global drive to move away from coal and coal-fired power plants to renewables that cost less and have a significantly reduced impact on the environment. Unfortunately, the global energy crunch, which was severely exacerbated by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, prevented most countries from keeping their coal promises…

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WednesdayFeb 08, 2023 10:30 am

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX.V: UCU) (OTCQX: UURAF) Commissions Demonstration Plant; Plans for Louisiana Strategic Metals Complex

Ucore’s RapidSX(TM) Demonstration Plant will be located within the company’s 5000 square foot Commercialization and Demonstration Facility in Kingston, Ontario A Strategic Metals Complex is being planned in Louisiana with an initial capacity of 2,000 tonnes per annum and increasing to production of 5,000 tonnes Cerium, neodymium, lanthanum, praseodymium, yttrium, and dysprosium are expected to remain the most sought-after REEs, with high demands in magnet manufacturing and the automobile industry The global rare earth element market was valued at $2.8 billion in 2018 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.4% through 2025 Ucore Rare Metals (TSX.V: UCU)…

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