FridayOct 13, 2023 1:31 pm

Industry Execs Say Copper Poised for Long-Term Supply Squeeze

Top industry executives in the copper industry say the market should prepare for a long-term supply squeeze of the red metal. Even though copper prices have softened in recent weeks and the market is expected to see a surplus in 2024, top executives predict supply shortfalls thanks to the limited number of copper mines that are under development. Copper producers have been warning about a reduction in ore quality and quantity for several months now, stating that the world currently doesn’t have enough mines under development to meet the accelerating demand for copper. On top of its applications in industrial…

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ThursdayOct 12, 2023 1:57 pm

Silver Occupies Enviable Position Between Precious, Industrial Metals

For investors interested in metals as investment vehicles, the choice between investing in precious metals such as gold and platinum or industrial metals such as aluminum and copper can be a difficult one. While precious metals can act as a store of value and prevent asset depreciation, the metals do not provide investors with monthly interest and are less attractive when interest rates are high. On the other hand, industrial metals enjoy constant demand from industrial sectors and can be incredibly lucrative over the long-term but can be subject to disruptive market forces such as recession. Silver presents the perfect…

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ThursdayOct 12, 2023 1:13 pm

2M Language Services to Participate in Australia’s Premier Mining Conference

Leading provider of language technology and language services for the mining sector, 2M Language Services (2M), will participate in the International Mining and Resources Conference (IMARC) from October 31 – November 2 2023 at ICC Sydney. Recognised as Australia’s most significant mining conference, IMARC draws in over 8,500 delegates from all corners of the mining sector. At IMARC, 2M will present its secure suite of technologies and services powered by advanced AI and human expertise; customised translation solutions for technical, compliance and commercial matters, on-demand and scheduled interpretation services for stakeholder meetings and on-the-ground operations and cutting-edge technology tools to support timely cross-cultural communication. With…

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WednesdayOct 11, 2023 2:59 pm

Could ‘Transition Credits’ Make the Switch Away from Coal Economically Viable?

Asia is the largest producer of emissions on the planet, accounting for more than one-half of global emissions and tripling the level of emissions from the United States, currently the world’s second-largest emitter. With China leading as Asia’s top emitter at over one-quarter of global emissions, the continent has been keen on cutting its reliance on coal in favor of cleaner energies. However, major Asian nations such as China are heavily reliant on coal for energy production, especially as energy shortages and high prices have made other sources of energy nonviable in recent months. Transitioning away from coal to cleaner…

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WednesdayOct 11, 2023 9:00 am

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. (TSX.V: UCU) (OTCQX: UURAF) to Showcase Trademarked REE Separation Process Details in Canadian Autotech Program, U.S. Defense Department Project

Ucore Rare Metals Inc. is devoted to improving the supply chain for rare earth elements (“REEs”) through commercialization of its trademarked RapidSX(TM) technology REEs are in high demand for modern computer applications that use the metallic products in high-grade batteries, motors, speakers and hard drives China effectively dominates the industries that produce and process REEs, leading U.S. and Canadian governments to prioritize a China-independent supply chain for the critical technology Ucore has been demonstrating the advantages of its RapidSX(TM) technology over standard SX ore separation technology at the company’s Ontario, Canada test facility The company will present information on its…

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TuesdayOct 10, 2023 3:37 pm

Hawkish Fed Keeps Pressure on Gold Though Prices Halt Their Slide

Expectations that the U.S. Federal Reserve will keep benchmark interest rates in the country higher are putting increased pressure on gold prices. Although gold prices stopped their decline last week, pressure from a hawkish Fed has kept prices at a seven-month low as investor interest in the precious metal reduced. Spot gold prices went up by only 0.1% to $1,824.79 an ounce at noon last Wednesday, ending a seven-day decline that had seen gold prices drop by 2.1% in a week. Conversely, U.S. gold futures saw their prices fall by 0.1% to $1,839.50 per ounce while the benchmark U.S. 10-year…

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MondayOct 09, 2023 10:47 am

Goldman Sachs Says Demand for Copper, Oil Booming in China

Goldman Sachs has revealed that demand for commodities such as oil and copper in China is booming. The investment bank estimated in a recent note that contrary to its expectations, year-on-year demand for copper, iron ore and oil went up by 8%, 7% and 6% respectively. According to the report, the surging demand for major commodities in China is associated with a combination of property and grid completions as well as robust growth in the nation’s green economy. China has been a global leader in the nascent solar industry and installed a whopping 96.6 GW of solar energy capacity in…

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FridayOct 06, 2023 12:18 pm

How to Invest in Physical Gold

Investing in gold is a no-brainer for investors looking to diversify and add some stability to their portfolios. The precious metal has traditionally acted as a store of value because its value doesn’t depreciate during times of upheaval, making it the perfect investment vehicle during recessions, inflation and political turmoil. As such, most gold market analysts advise investors to store some of their wealth in gold bullion to protect themselves against market volatility. The first thing you should consider before investing in gold is prices. Note that spot price usually refers to the cost of immediate bullion delivery and that…

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ThursdayOct 05, 2023 3:41 pm

Why Gold Enthusiasts Flock to Dubai

Dubai is heralded as the best destination to buy gold by individuals from various parts of the world based on its reputation for quality and transparent gold-pricing system. The gold markets in the city have something to offer any and all, from those seeking to admire the craftsmanship and those who want to invest in gold to those who are looking to purchase fine jewelry. Other factors that attract gold buyers to Dubai include: Minimal taxes Unlike other countries around the world, Dubai imposes minimal import duties and taxes on gold, making it a cost-effective place to purchase the yellow…

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WednesdayOct 04, 2023 3:57 pm

Coal Makes Quiet Comeback Amid Clean-Energy Push

Coal-generated energy is making a quiet comeback in many countries even though the global community has pledged to move away from coal to cleaner alternatives such as solar and wind. The fossil fuel was undeniably responsible for powering humanity through the industrial era, but it also played a significant role in heating up the atmosphere and contributing to climate change. With many countries across the globe already dealing with extreme weather events due to climate change, transitioning from dirty fossil fuels such as coal is crucial to cutting carbon emissions and mitigating climate change. In addition, large banks such as…

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