ThursdayFeb 17, 2022 3:26 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – StraightUp Resources Inc. (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) Strengthens Commitment to Red Lake Mining District

StraightUp Resources (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) has entered 2022 with a tailwind driving enthusiasm around its gold prospects in Ontario’s famed greenstone belt and a historically metal-rich region in the western United States. “The Canada-headquartered mineral explorer has spent the last year steadily increasing its data on five gold properties it has optioned in Canada’s well-known greenstone belt in Ontario, as well as a gold and silver mine it acquired in the western United States,” reads a recent article discussing the company. The piece further details StraightUp’s receipt of an early exploration permit for a portion of its RLX North…

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FridayFeb 11, 2022 12:23 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – StraightUp Resources Inc. (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) Greenlit to Proceed with Mechanized Drilling, Ground Geophysical Surveys at Flagship RLX Property

StraightUp Resources (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) expects to proceed in its 2022 work programs for its flagship property, a 10,000-hectare tract of land located in the Red Lake District that has shown great promise in gold mining. The work programs include drilling the most prospective targets in the summer. This follows receipt of its early exploration permit (“PR-21-000261”) for the eastern block of its RLX North Property from the Ministry of Northern Development and Mine, Natural Resources and Forestry (“NDMNF”). A recent article reads: “The permit allows StraightUp to proceed with mechanized drilling along with ground geophysical surveys that require…

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FridayFeb 04, 2022 12:52 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – StraightUp Resources Inc. (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) Optimistic About Potential of Precious Metals Market

StraightUp Resources (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF), a company dedicated to acquiring and exploring mineral property assets, is optimistic about the potential of the precious metals market in light of the uncertainty in economic forces at play in the world today. “As Americans are weary of COVID-19 pandemic restrictions and worry more about the economy and inflation’s effects on their personal finances, many investors are considering a move toward precious metals as a safe haven,” a recent article reads. StraightUp is focusing most of its attention on five projects it has optioned in Ontario’s greenbelt region. The Ferdinand, RLX North, RLX…

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ThursdayJan 27, 2022 2:36 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – StraightUp Resources Inc. (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) Targeting Transition from Exploration Company to Mining Company

StraightUp Resources (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) is ideally positioning itself to tap into the expected growth trends in regard to the prices of precious metals. The average silver prices per troy ounce have trended upwards since 2018, while the average gold prices per troy ounce have increased year-over-year since 2015. StraightUp is undertaking thorough exploration work at its existing mining assets as well as acquiring new properties. For example, in September last year, the company acquired the West Cat Mine in the historical Beatty Mountain Nevada Mining District in Nye County, Nevada. According to NI 43-101 compliant historical data, the…

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FridayJan 21, 2022 12:35 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – StraightUp Resources Inc. (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) Expected to Benefit as Investors Seek Alternatives to Cash

StraightUp Resources (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) is positioning amid the price rally experienced within the precious metals market following a rise in inflation. December numbers released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics showed the U.S. inflation rate rose to 6.8%, its highest point since 1982, on the back of higher housing, food and gas prices. Earlier in November, in spite of normal and expected ups and downs, gold prices rallied to a near-five-month high after consumer price data prompted people to buy gold as a hedge against inflation. “Economists expect that strong inflation will continue to drive buyers into gold……

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FridayJan 14, 2022 12:12 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU) (TSX: EFR) Stands Distinct in High-Purity Rare Earth Carbonate Production

Energy Fuels (NYSE American: UUUU) (TSX: EFR) has partnered with Nanoscale Powders LLC (“NSP”) with plans to develop a novel technology for the production of rare earth elements (“REE”) metals. The company believes the technology, initially developed by NSP and to be advanced by the UUUU-NSP partnership, has the potential to revolutionize the rare earth metal making industry by increasing safety, reducing production costs and energy consumption, and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions. NSP brings its tech while UUUU contributes the rare earth material and industrial-scale processing facility. A recent article quotes UUUU president and CEO Mark S. Chalmers as…

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ThursdayJan 13, 2022 2:47 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – StorEn Technologies Inc.’s Collaborative Project Set to Bring Opportunity to Local Manufacturing Community

StorEn Technologies is a developer of evolutionary vanadium flow batteries with a disruptive patent-pending, all-vanadium flow battery technology. The company takes pride in offering solutions that meet consumers’ demand for efficient, durable and cost-effective energy storage, enabling self-consumption of self-produced electricity and the transition toward a carbon-free economy. StorEn is involved in a project in Australia led by Future Battery Industries CRC, with QUT, research partners, state and federal governments, which allows researchers to test and develop safety standards for vanadium flow batteries. The 30-kWh battery is provided by Multicom Resources Limited in partnership with StorEn. A recent article, which…

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FridayJan 07, 2022 12:41 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – StraightUp Resources Inc. (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) Building Portfolio, Expanding Access to Potential Mining Assets

StraightUp Resources (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) in 2021 expanded its access to potential assets, building a portfolio that includes options for five anticipated gold properties in Ontario, Canada’s well-known greenstone belt, acquisition of an existing gold and silver mine in the western United States, and an opportunity to acquire a silver mine and processing plant in the Lima region of Peru. Most of the company’s development work thus far has centered on the properties in eastern Canada. “The Red Lake district where the RLX North, RLX South, Belanger Red Lake, Bear Head, and Ferdinand gold properties are centered is part…

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ThursdayJan 06, 2022 3:17 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – Energy Fuels Inc. (NYSE American: UUUU) (TSX: EFR) Poised to Leverage Growth in Nuclear Energy Space

Energy Fuels (NYSE American: UUUU) (TSX: EFR), a leading U.S.-based uranium mining company that supplies U3O8 to major nuclear utilities, is ideally positioned to make the most of the anticipated growth in the nuclear energy sector. The World Nuclear Association’s Annual Nuclear Fuel Report projects that the demand for uranium fuel will increase over the next two decades. Nuclear power is expected to play an increasingly important role in the future because of its near-zero emissions of carbon dioxide and other pollutants, its on-demand, reliable and secure nature, and its long-term cost competitiveness. Energy Fuels holds three of America’s key…

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TuesdayDec 28, 2021 12:50 pm

MiningNewsBreaks – StraightUp Resources Inc. (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) Continues to Position Among Top-Quality Assets, Companies

StraightUp Resources (CSE: ST) (OTCQB: STUPF) is positioning amid an expectedly strong market for years to come, building a portfolio of potential precious metal resource sites. These assets are located in the well-known gold-rich region of Red Lake’s greenstone belt in Ontario, Canada, in a historically productive mining region in southern Nevada, as well as in the Lima region of Peru. A recent article quotes StraightUp CEO and President Mark Brezer as saying, “We continue to position ourselves among top-quality assets and companies.” Brezer’s statement came on the heels of the company’s announcement regarding its expansion into the United States…

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